Chimney Inspections Atlanta

Chimney Inspections

The National Fireplace Association (NFPA) recommends annual inspection of all chimneys, fireplaces and vents. The inspection is done to check and make sure that the chimneys, fireplaces and vents are sound , free of blockade and deposits, and that all clearances are met.

When you have European Chimney Works perform your chimney inspection it will be done by qualified and certified chimney sweep professional. Everything will be written on the inspection report and European Chimney works technician will go over the inspection with the customer to make sure that the customer understands current conditions of the chimney. If any repair are needed an estimate be given for those repairs along with the report.

NFPA recognizes tree levels of inspections:


Base on a visual inspection. This inspection is recommended when the chimney and venting system is easly accessible and it will be continued to be use under present conditions. In level 1 inspection professional verifies that the chimney structure is sound and free of obstructions and combustible deposits. European Chimney Works, INC performs level 1 inspection with every chimney cleaning.


It is recommended that this inspection be done before beginning modifications to your chimney system, addition of new heating appliance or change in the type of fuel. It is also required upon a change property ownership and after operating malfunction or event that is likely cause damage to the chimney. The scope of Level 2 inspection includes that of Level 1 and in addition inspection of all accessible areas, interior and exterior, including parts of the chimney passing through crawlspaces, basements and attics. It may also require video scan of the flue system.


A level 3 inspection is the most detailed and includes all of the level 1 and 2 inspections and inspection of concealed areas to investigate known or suspected problems. This inspection may require removal of parts of the chimney or building as needed to gain access to specific concealed areas.