Masonry Services

Chimney restoration and reconstruction

Top Sealed Damper

Whether the chimney is in need of minor repairs or complete reconstruction, European Chimney Works is up to the task to help you. We repair masonry and wood chases. NO job is to big or too small and you will appreciate our professional craftsmanship and car for your home.

Firebox repointing and rebuild

Firebox Repairs

The firebox of your fireplace takes a lot of heat. If any of the brick are loose or cracked or if any of the mortar joints are missing or eroded is time to repair them. The European Chimney Works can help you; we can repair your firebox and tuck point mortar joints.

Mortar crown repair

Atlanta Chimney Waterproofing

Mortar crown is the concrete surface on top of your chimney (masonry chases). Its job is to cover and waterproof chimney chase. Cracks and missing pieces in mortar crown can cause significant water damage to your chimney.

The European Chimney Works repair chimney crowns with masonry products and in addition we waterproofing crowns with specialized products like Crown Seal.